Monday, 9 September 2013

A new paper adventure......

There's a little shop in my home town called The Thrifty Thistle.... where I have rented a " crafter's shelf " and have been filling it up with hand folded gift boxes made from my scrapbooking stash.

The shop is full to bursting with local crafts, as well as renovated/painted furniture and is a real treat  to visit.
The shop website can be found  here.

I've had my shelf for 2 weeks now and have been busy making boxes, note pads, tags and framed's been great !  My Stash is somewhat smaller now, but at least its all been put to "work".

I'm sure I'll catch up with some scrapbooking sooner or later , but for the time being I'm enjoying this little adventure , crafting as "Leonard and Lime".

Thanks for stopping by
Karen x 


  1. How exciting, they look gorgeous and so pretty I bet it is a beautiful shelf.

  2. Oh how exciting, well done you!! Gorgeous boxes & love your name.
    C xx

  3. Wow great way to reduce your old stash and make some money to buy some new goodies. Hope your new enterprise is successful. xx

  4. What a fantastic idea-I wonder if there is somewhere in Edinburgh I could do that?

  5. Looks great, I must go and take a look next time I'm up in Suffolk. Good luck with it Karen.