Monday, 24 January 2011

My other Scrapbook......

Have you used THESE ?  
12 x 12 photo page protectors...I bought some from Papermaze for my "Alternative " Scrapbook.
This album marks the point at which we bought a digital camera...that is to say I stopped getting all my photos printed as they were on the computer.
Not liking this very much I decided to print my favourite 5 photos from each month, leaving one space to decorate with journaling and pretty paper. 
I have completed 2006 and am working on not too far behind!!!

 Some months did spread on to 2 pages as it was hard to pick only 5 photos, but it is such a nice project to pick up and work on when I don't have time for a full layout.
The trouble is, things  will be much harder as I catch up because we take soooo many more photos now than we did back in 2006!

                                                                            Karen x


  1. Wow Karen these look fab, do they only fit into a ring binder album or any sort with 3 fixings? What a lovely idea, I was thinking that they would work well for holiday photo's when you have too many to scrap effectively!
    Thanks for the heads up and the link, I will be putting them in my wishlist or should I get some now whilst there is a discount? Now you've caused a dilema!!!!

  2. This is a great idea Karen, I did buy some to make a wedding album for my sister but love the idea of printing out photos from each month.