Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Wedding ......

I was recently asked to make some "pretty things" for a friends wedding.
We decided on round cards for the table numbers,square background cards for the individual table plans- to be attached to a bird cage with decorated wooden pegs, and some gift boxes to hold the Bridesmaid's presents.
The Wedding  colour scheme was green, ivory and plum and I manged to match up the colour of the bridesmaids dresses to "Tangy Taffy" Bazzil cardstock.
The only extra card I needed was "Extravagance" from the  Eva basic Grey range.
And after lots and lots of cutting, punching, inking and gluing,here are the results....

Fingers crossed for a beautiful sunny day on the 17th !

Thanks for stopping by.

Karen x


  1. these are beautiful-very elegant

  2. so sweet! love the colours

  3. your friend is fortunate to have you making such lovely things for her wedding.

  4. Thanks for sharing this with me - I *love* the fact you matched up the dresses to the cardstock!

    I hope you enjoy some of the series.

    Julie :-)

  5. These are very beautiful. Keeping fingers crossed for nice weather on the 17th.

  6. That looks beautiful and the weather was fairly kind here so hope you are having a great day.

  7. Gorgeous and stunning :)